Global Involvement

Prof. Shiftan research has gained him wide international recognition and prominent posts. Most notable are:

  • He was named one of three co-editors of Transport Policy, an international journal published by Elsevier (IF: 1.54) that aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in transportation. His contribution has been substantial: in 2009, the last year before Yoram became co-editor, the journal published 37 papers, had an impact factor of 1.024, and 630 citations; in 2012, the journal published 112 papers, had an impact factor of 1.541, and 1366 citations.
  • He was elected Chair of the International Association of Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR), which is the most important academic association in his field of research and in the field of transportation in general.

Prof. Shiftan has served as chair or member for numerous other prominent international organizations including: